The essence of youth ministry is to create environments where students can experience the warmth of God. We want students to know that God not only loves them, but He actually likes them. As a community we simply care for students, nurture their faith, and help them grow in their understanding and relationship with Jesus.

We desire to help students become authentic human beings as we journey with them in life, helping them avoid and oppose what dehumanizes, and empowering them to reclaim their humanity and contribute to the common good. We long for them to live the way of Jesus.

Our passion is to partner with families as we help students find their passions and then use their gifts to be a part of the restorative work of God on earth.

Our goal is that their faith becomes the foundation of their lives. Ultimately, this is our prayer: that students' lives are transformed by the personal work of Jesus and that they join in transforming our world through the love of God.

Our hope is to reach students in our community, connect them with their peers and Godly adults, help them grow in relationship with God, journey with them as they discover who they are and show them how to honor God with their lives.

Student Ministry team:
Kristen Olsen, Middle School Coordinator (2nd from left), Josh Barton, Student Ministry Pastor (center) and Joe Biscocho, High School Coordinator (4th from left); also pictured: Anne Valentine, Darien Worship Coordinator (1st from left) and Dylan Berry (5th from left)

Youth Staff

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