In "Experiencing Grace," our sermon series that began on March 5 and moves us towards Easter, we're exploring how practicing spiritual disciplines positions us to experience more of God’s grace so that we grow spiritually and we might live as Jesus taught. Here are two ways you can carry these Sunday morning teachings and encouragements with you and consider how to develop the practices in your own life:


If you'd like to engage with the material being used by the short-term Experiencing Grace Discussion Groups, the discussion guides are posted here:

Experiencing Grace Discussion Guide - Week 1: Slowing Down in a Culture of Hurry
Experiencing Grace Discussion Guide - Week 2: Soul Care in a Culture of Distraction
Experiencing Grace Discussion Guide - Week 3: Confession in an Age of Self-Promotion
Experiencing Grace Discussion Guide - Week 4: Servanthood in a Culture of Entitlement
Experiencing Grace Discussion Guide - Week 5: Celebration in a Culture of Uncertainty


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