Darien Service

Our hope is to start a Sunday morning worship service in Darien in the fall. 

The service in Darien will have the same features as the Greenwich services, including:

  • Live teaching that is engaging and relevant (using the same teaching theme and Scripture as the Greenwich services)

  • Live music (using the same or similar songs)

  • Communion and Prayer Ministry

  • Trinity Kids and Middle School program during the service

  • Refreshments

When will it be launched?
The exact date will depend on a number of factors, including having a strong launch team of individuals and families as well as practical considerations being in place. 

Where will it be held?
We're excited to announce that the worship service venue will be Darien Library (see below).

What will having two locations look like on Sundays?
Some Sundays the same pastor will preach at all three services; other Sundays there will be different preachers in the two locations. Senior Pastor Drew Williams will preach at least as often in Greenwich as he currently does. In addition, several times a year we will gather the entire Trinity family for one large worship celebration.

Associate Pastor Ben Valentine will have the new responsibility of being the staff point person for the Darien location. On Sundays, he and Connections Pastor Katie Evans will serve in Darien. The majority of our other pastoral staff will remain primarily based in Greenwich.

What else will take place in Darien?
Initially, our focus will be on the Sunday worship service and building relationships in the wider community. In later months we would consider adding one midweek program, such as the Alpha Course, while everything else would remain centralized in Greenwich.

How can I get involved?

  • Pray (for wisdom, guidance, discernment and protection)
  • Have a conversation with Ben Valentine
  • Consider joining the Darien service launch team

Fill out this simple contact info form to indicate your interest.

Darien Library:

Darien Library is conveniently located less than a mile south of downtown Darien and just off exit 11 of I-95.

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