Darien Service

The service in Darien, launched on Oct. 1, is held at Darien Library at 10 a.m. and has the same features as the Greenwich services, including:

  • Live teaching that is engaging and relevant (using the same teaching theme and Scripture as the Greenwich services)

  • Live music (using the same or similar songs)

  • Communion and Prayer Ministry

  • Trinity Kids and Middle School program during the service

  • Refreshments


How was it decided to launch the new service in Darien?
As part of The Beacon Project that began in 2016, the Trinity Council and staff established criteria to determine if and when a new service would be ready to launch in a particular town. In the ensuing months, numerous Trinity congregants who live east of Greenwich, particularly in Darien and surrounding towns, have independently expressed their desire and commitment to be part of starting a service in their local area. The Council and staff carefully researched options coming forward and spent significant time in prayerful discernment before making a decision.

What is Drew's role in this new service?
Drew Williams will continue to lead and envision the whole of Trinity Church (Greenwich and Darien locations). Drew will speak at both locations, preaching at least as often in Greenwich as he currently does (i.e. adding Darien to his preaching schedule, rather than splitting time evenly between the two or concentrating on the new location).

What is Ben's role?
Under the overall leadership of Drew Williams, Ben Valentine serves as the primary pastor in Darien. This includes: shepherding and caring for the members of the Darien congregation, consistent preaching and teaching in Darien, building Christian community in the town, and promoting and maintaining Trinity’s values at this new location.

In addition to Ben Valentine, Connections Pastor Katie Evans also serves in Darien on Sundays. The majority of our other pastoral staff will remain primarily based in Greenwich.

Are Ben, Katie and their families "leaving" Greenwich?
No. Trinity remains one church — highly connected in numerous ways throughout the week. While they will be worshipping in a different town on Sunday morning, both Ben and Katie retain churchwide responsibilities and, as such, still spend a meaningful portion of their time in Greenwich during the week.

What else will take place in Darien?
Initially, our focus will be on the Sunday worship service and building relationships in the wider community. As fas as midweek programs, we plan to run the Alpha Course in Darien homes during the fall, while everything else will remain centralized in Greenwich.

What about children and youth?
Sunday morning programs for kids and middle school students will be available at the Darien service. Midweek groups (for instance, Middle School and High School Huddles) will be available in Greenwich and Darien.

How will we continue to feel like one church after this launch?
While we may not all be in one venue on a Sunday, there will be many opportunities where people who attend different locations will spend time together, such as midweek groups, serving opportunities and retreats. Additionally, part of our plan is to periodically hold combined worship services where the entire Trinity family is gathered. Our hope is that at least one of these combined services will take place before the end of 2017.

How can I get involved?

  • Pray (for wisdom, guidance, discernment and protection)
  • Have a conversation with Ben Valentine
  • Consider joining the Darien service launch team

Fill out this simple contact info form to indicate your interest.

Darien Library:

Darien Library is conveniently located less than a mile south of downtown Darien and just off exit 11 of I-95.

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