COVID-19: While we aren’t going to church due to social distancing there is no better time for the family of God to BE the church to one another and for the good of the communities around us. 

Please use the COVID-19 menu below to see Trinity's resources and response throughout this situation.

JULY 5 LIVESTREAM LINKS: Online Service (9:45 a.m.) |  Kids Program (9 a.m.) |  Online Giving  |  Receive Private Prayer (10:45 - 11:30 a.m.)  |  Coffee Hour (11 a.m. - 12 p.m.)  |  Family Guides: Preschool, Elementary, MS & HS

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our passion is to see the love of Jesus
at the center of each life,
at the heart of every community
and as the source of all our actions.

Our Values

1. Ordinary People and our Extraordinary God

We believe that God can and does work through everyone, not just in terms of personal transformation, but also that everyone is a minister of the Gospel in their own sphere. Ministry is not limited to certain classes of people (clergy/lay, men/women, young/old, etc.). 

2. Word and Spirit

We seek to live and know God under the full authority of His living Word and cherish the tangible presence and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

3. Generosity and Gratitude

In seeking to see His Kingdom come, we are a community that is committed to asking not - what can we spare but - what will it take. 

4. Grace and Truth

We approach every person/situation with grace while also speaking the truth in love. 

5. Boldness and Humility

We desire to boldly proclaim the good news of the Gospel while humbly recognizing the mystery of faith and that we don’t have all the answers. 

6. Authenticity and Excellence

We believe that God deserves our very best and so strive for excellence, but never to the point of “putting on a show” or at the expense of authenticity or vulnerability. 

7. Young and Old

Trinity is a multi- and inter-generational church where all ages are valued, celebrated and invested in. 

8. Tradition and Innovation

We esteem the beliefs and practices of the worldwide Church throughout its history (orthodoxy, sacraments, etc.) while also fostering innovation and creativity so that we might reach people with God’s love where they are.