Our Council

In 1999, Trinity was intentionally formed to be an independent church, and we continue to exist as a non-denominational church governed by a Council.

Trinity’s Council seeks to apply Biblically-based policies and guidelines in our leadership while pursuing the direction of the Holy Spirit in all of our decisions. The bedrock of our Council is prayer, through which we seek to honor God by doing His will and to elevate the name of Jesus in all that we do. The Council’s focus in its decisions is to reinforce Trinity’s mission, with a mindset to work in support of God’s Kingdom.

The Trinity Council is responsible for encouraging and enabling the people of theChurch to grow in God’s Word and Spirit. They entrust the implementation of that responsibility to pastoral staff and ministry leaders. 

The Council is Biblically and constitutionally mandated to lead the church.  In so doing, the Council seeks to actively support Trinity's senior staff in their roles of managing and executing the church’s ministries.  Primary concerns of the Council are the spiritual welfare of Trinity Church and the Godly stewardship of its resources. Council members must be servant leaders and serve in a volunteer (unpaid) capacity. They serve a three-year term and may be reaffirmed to serve a second consecutive three-year term. Candidates are selected through a nominating process and affirmed at Trinity’s Annual Meeting. 

Andrew Barnett


Rod Bourgeois

Council Chair

Mike Cunnion


Andy Hayball

Lead Pastor - Westchester (on sabbatical from Oct 1 - Nov 30, 2019)

Jill Marchak


Irenee May


Jennifer Meredith

Council; Treasurer

Barb Morris


Ben Valentine

Senior Pastor

Nicole Zasowski


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