If you missed Drew's announcement last Sunday, Sept. 18, regarding our change in Sunday venue, here is a note of what he shared.

We know that the strength of God’s church is His presence and the presence of His love in community. I have always felt that God has configured the Trinity community in such a way that we have always been able to experience this very clearly. In Jesus, we are His church.

I learned recently that when Trinity first arrived at Central Middle School (“CMS”) it was understood to be a stop-gap and never a permanent solution. Fifteen years later we have much to be grateful for.

Many of you will know that we have had challenges with parking at CMS for a little while. Our schedule – particularly with the necessity of going to two services – also presented conflicts with sports.

Just a few weeks ago, Greenwich Public Schools informed us that it was unlikely that we would be able to return to CMS due to growth constraints. This was quite last-minute. We had planned to return this September. We have therefore spent the last several weeks in a protracted and often confusing time of communication with the town. Last week, however, we met with Peter Tesei (First Selectman of Greenwich), and members of the school district and the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department. It was clear from this meeting that our time at CMS was limited to a few more months or, at most, to the end of the school year. Secondly, the town was not seeking to work against us. In many ways, they have, for a long time, been working around us. CMS custodians have described us as excellent tenants and Peter Tesei wrote to me with these words of encouragement, “I admire greatly what Trinity has accomplished…and appreciate the ministry you provide to our residents, particularly those who are hurting the most.”

So what of the future? When Christ Church heard of our challenges they opened their arms to us and invited us to make our Sunday home on their campus. When as a Council and as a staff team we looked at what they were able to offer us, it was clear that God was opening a door to us that, overall, better serves our immediate needs as a church family.

Let me give you some details. At CMS our time was limited; at Christ Church we have longer term options and they are committed to making this arrangement work with us. It is no small thing that we have natural light and air conditioning in Parish Hall – indeed, many of you have told us that you prefer our summer home over CMS. Our Trinity Kids facilities are much more child-friendly and fit for purpose, and Christ Church gives us expanded Sunday youth space. We will have to work together at making the parking work for us – but there is sufficient parking for us and for Christ Church. Christ Church is willing for us to leave some of our equipment on site. And, perhaps most importantly, we will be much easier to find as a congregation on Sundays.

For about eight years, Christ Church has been a wonderful summer home for us. With their full support, we plan to make this fit for a more permanent Sunday residency.

God has such great plans for us as a church. This is a very exciting season. For the first time in Trinity’s history we have our own mid-week space at 5 River Road in Cos Cob. We see the combination of this building (along I-95) and the Christ Church site (on the Post Road) as the means to thrive in this new season.

If you have any questions, please do speak to me, Andy Hayball, members of the staff team or members of the Trinity Council.

In His great love,