Nursery & Preschool

The vision of Trinity Kids is that every child in Trinity Kids will experience what it means to be best friends with Jesus, teammates with each other and part of God's adventure in the world. This starts at a very early age! This happens through songs, games, diving into the Bible and a whole host of other activities. Trinity Kids has an amazing team of leaders who come alongside our kids as friends and deeply desire to see children meet with God.



Our Sunday Nursery and Preschool groups are for all kids from age birth to 4 years of age.

Caregivers are immediately available as soon as you arrive.

Infants through 18 months: The children are in a safe, protected environment with well-trained caregivers who will change and feed you child according to your instructions. It also is a place where nursing mothers can feel comfortable when feeding their child.

18 months to 3 years of age: The children are in a safe, protected environment where upon entering, play and interact with other children and the caregivers. The morning will include, but not be limited to, singing, a short talk from the Trinity Kids leader, prayer and a snack.

3 to 4 years of age: Your child will begin the morning with you in the service (during worship time) and be dismissed with the other children and middle school students. The program for preschoolers includes worship, a short talk given by the Trinity Kids leader, prayer, games and a craft. The topic of the morning is woven throughout everything that happens.

We always have so much fun and it's exciting to see the kids at Trinity going deeper in their faith!



SPARKS caters to children who are 4 years old - Kindergarteners and is always tons of fun! We do crafts, games, hear a short talk, pray and end with a song. We watch a portion of a popular movie and discuss afterwards how God fits in the picture.

This group is currently not meeting. For more information, email Ally De Freitas at