There is now an opportunity to gather for in-person Trinity Worship Services!

Doors Open: 10:15 a.m. / Service Begins: 10:45 a.m.

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Service will take place in Greenwich Hyatt Full Ballroom.

We have been so encouraged about all the ways that we have seen God working through church-online in the last few months, and we’ve also seen how valuable it has been for people to gather with other Trinity people in house churches over the summer! We know that there is something unique and special that happens when we gather in-person. 

Several people who attended our recent outdoor Kingdom Come and house church events made comments like: 

“Worshipping with other people was just what I needed after such a long time in isolation, now I feel so refreshed and inspired.”

“I was in tears during worship at the first house church I attended. I didn't realize how much I had missed worshiping with others.”

We have been working with the State of CT Department of Health and our venues to develop a plan to re-gather safely.


All attendees are required to verify on arrival that they:

  • Do not have a fever (temperatures checked at the door), have not tested positive for COVID-19 within the last fourteen days, and are not showing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Have not been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.
  • Are not subject to a state-mandated quarantine following travel. 
  • Are willing to abide by the safety protocols outlined below without exception. 
  • Are committed to informing Trinity Church immediately if they test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days following the service.

All attendees check-in and receive a temperature check as they enter the building. Attendees are guided to their seats by an usher (we recommend arriving early to allow ample time for this process). 

Masks are worn by attendees upon arrival, throughout the service, and until they have exited the building.  (NOTE: Your mask must entirely cover your nose and mouth; if this is not possible for you, we ask that you attend online instead).

Venues are fully sanitized before and after each service.

Seating is socially distanced with more than 6 feet between households. Seating blocks of varying sizes will be available for families/households. (The ballroom is very large so generous amounts of extra space between households will be available). 

Contactless entry/exit (doors propped open, one-way system, one household enters at a time, etc.)

Communion is served only via sealed, individual wafers and cups collected at check-in.

Kids and youth remain in the service with their parents. Trinity Kids and Trinity Youth teams will provide resources and recommendations for use during the service.


Will church-online still be an option?

Yes! Church-online will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

When can I register for services?

Registration will open each Monday morning on the Trinity website. Registrations will be collected on a first-come-first-served basis. 

What happens when registrations are full? 

We will not have a waitlist for services, however, we encourage you to check back later in the week in the event of cancellations. 

Will I be able to cancel my registration if my availability changes?

Yes - your confirmation email will contain a link to cancel. Thank you for cancelling promptly to make space for others!

Can I register at the door?

We anticipate being at full capacity for these services so discourage arriving at the Hyatt without having pre-registered. 

How long will it take to check-in? 

We plan to have several check-in stations to allow for a smooth process. However, we still advise arriving early (doors open 30 minutes before the start of the service) to allow for the various check-in steps, especially in the first few weeks. 

If I am signed up as a volunteer for a service do I also need to pre-register?

No, your team leader will ensure you are accounted for and register you. 

Will congregational singing be allowed?

Yes; singing is permitted due to masks being worn and adherence to the social distancing protocols described above.  

Will prayer ministry be available? 

Yes; we will create a socially distanced, contactless, and confidential environment at the front of the ballroom following each service for prayer ministry.  

What would happen if someone at a service tests positive for COVID? 

All attendees would be required to inform Trinity if they test positive for COVID within 14 days of attending a service. The church would then inform all other attendees at that service. The CDC advises quarantine in the event of close contact (less than six feet distance, for more than fifteen minutes, without a mask) with someone who tests positive for COVID. 

What about services in Darien and Westchester? 

We are very encouraged with progress toward new venues in Darien (rented) and Westchester (purchased), however, neither one is currently ready for services.