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Practice your walk with God this Advent.

Advent, which means 'coming' in Latin, lasts for four weeks leading up to Christmas and traditionally has been used to remember the coming of Christ in three ways. First, we remember when Jesus came into the world as a baby to live as a man and die fo us. Second, we reflect on how Jesus wants to come into our lives now. And third, we look to the future when Jesus will come back to the world as King. To help our community enter into this time, each Sunday of Advent we will have different people from the Trinity congregation light a candle and share a short reading.

In our age of busyness and rushing from one thing to the next, we are in desperate need of slowing down and centering our lives on Jesus. Spiritual disciplines are simple practices that make room in our lives for God's presence. 

Each week we will focus on one spiritual discipline with some simple background information and practical ideas for how to live it out as an individual or family. We pray these practices will give us all the tools to declutter our lives this Advent season and ultimately to restore greater intimacy with God and those around us.

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