Year of Biblical Literacy

The Bible. It’s the bestselling book of all time, it’s everywhere. At the same time, for so many of us, it can feel foreign, ancient, even, otherworldly. We might wonder why it even matters. So what is the Bible? Where did it come from and how do we read it? We want to explore these questions together.

Together as a church, we are journeying through the Year of Biblical Literacy. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the Scripture, to better know, understand and experience the story, presence, and power of God in our lives today.

Please download the Read Scripture App. It includes the reading plan and the read scripture videos.

For an audible option you can also download the Public Reading of Scripture App. To gain full and free access create an account by clicking "Create", create a username and password and then use PRSFAMILY as the “Organization ID”.

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