The Beacon Project is a strategic initiative to resource and strengthen our Greenwich congregation and, over time, to replicate the Trinity DNA in other towns by organizing new multisite congregations.

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The Beacon Project will be funded by a capital campaign, primarily geared toward the purchase and renovation of the building at 5 River Road.

A critical part of The Beacon Project is the purchase of a new building at 5 River Road in Cos Cob – a home of our own for the Trinity Church family in Greenwich. This is essential to accommodate our existing groups and programs, which are currently constrained by a lack of appropriate meeting space, and to serve as a place where we can go deeper in our faith, in our ministries and in our community. This building has been an answer to many years of prayer, and we praise God for His provision at this important moment for our church.

The capital campaign for The Beacon Project is an invitation to all of us to trust Jesus more deeply regarding our finances. As a church, we have been on a journey in the last few years where we have asked: “What does it mean for us to live generous lives?” This campaign is another opportunity to ask that question and to take the next step in our journey of generosity, as individuals and as a church family.

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Capital Campaign FAQ

When is the money needed?

There are certain items which require immediate funding (such as $1MM over four months to fund the renovation work on 5 River Road) and others which we are able to fund over time (such as operating expenses for 5 River Road and the lease of office space at 1 River Road).

When should I give?

You can make contributions to the campaign beginning now. However, we recognize that in many cases pledges will be fulfilled over a period of time.

How many years will pledge fulfillments last?

Pledges may be fulfilled over the coming three years, with final fulfillments occurring by December 2019.

How does this affect the operating budget? Will regular giving decrease in order to fund the capital campaign?

Once the transition to River Road is complete, the operating budget will increase by approximately $170,000. This increase is comprised of: projected operating expenses at 5 River Road plus rent for the lease at 1 River Road, less savings from ceasing to rent and operate Trinity House as well as renting other venues each month. 

As pat of the Capital Campaign, we are seeking to raise money to pre-fund three years of operating expenses. This amount is included in the $5.5 million campaign target. This is a best practice used by many churches when acquiring a new building, and Trinity is hopeful that we will be able to raise this money so that we don't put additional pressure on the operating budget while our church grows into this new space.

It is vitally important for the life of the church that the capital campaign does not dilute regular giving/tithing. We ask that all gifts towards this project are given "above and beyond" regular, annual giving. We recognize that, as a result, some individuals and families will not be able to participate in the capital campaign. We understand, and simply want to say a heartfelt thank you for your ongoing contributions to Trinity’s operating budget.

What if we raise more than the targeted amount?

In the event that giving to the campaign exceeds our $5.5MM target, the additional funds will be used to pay off debt on Trinity’s parsonage property in Old Greenwich and to bolster the church’s emergency reserves.

Is any portion of the money raised being given away?

Trinity is deeply committed to Missions, Outreach and Justice (MOJ). We believe the building at 5 River Road will significantly increase the MOJ impact that Trinity is able to have, both in Greenwich and further afield. There is not a specific portion of the campaign being allocated to MOJ, however, the entire Beacon Project is an investment in all of Trinity’s missions, including its important justice and outreach initiatives.

Who will be asked to contribute?

The goal is to provide everyone in the church the opportunity to contribute.

Will my gift be tax-deductible?


Can I give appreciated assets or non-cash gifts?

Yes. Please email for instructions.

If I want to talk with someone about making a pledge, with whom should I talk?

If you need information about the process for making a pledge, anyone on the campaign team can address those questions. If you’d like to discuss a specific gift, those questions can be discussed with Drew Williams (Senior Pastor), Bill King (Real Estate Committee Chair) or Trinity’s finance office staff.

Will my gift be confidential?

Yes. All of our current processes for managing financial gifts to the church will be used to manage confidentiality of both pledges and gifts.