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2019 Mission Trip Application

In order to ensure a successful and life-giving mission trip experience for all participants, Trinity asks all participants to complete the following application process. We believe that the participant, the partner organization and the church body as a whole benefit from a structured relationship that fosters mutual accountability. 

Online Application Forms Are Found Under "Step 3" Below

Application Process

Step 1: Review Mission Trip Participant Expectations

We believe that both the participant and the church body as a whole benefit from a structured relationship that fosters mutual accountability. For this reason, we include a list of expectations for participation.

Relationship to Trinity Church:

  • Regular attendance and volunteer involvement at Trinity Church before and after the trip

Pre-Trip: Application & Training

  • Interview (in person or phone) with trip leader
  • Completion of host organization application materials as required
  • Complete a background check through Trinity Church
  • Commitment to completion of the Short Term Missions Workbook, ideally in a group setting, or failing that ,as an individual/family exercise.
  • Attend all team training meetings.
  • Pay trip balance in full by trip-specific deadlines
  • Sign waiver and full release

On The Trip

  • Compliance with team leader and/or host organization instructions and guidelines
  • Commitment to working as a team
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and norms
  • Abstain from alcohol consumption, smoking/vaping, and/or illicit drugs of any kind for the entire trip, including flights (these can reflect negatively on our host organizations)


  • Debrief with your team
  • Complete an evaluation form

Step 3: Complete the Trinity Church Mission Trip Application

Individuals: apply here

Families applying together: 

Note: some organizations (CRM & Danita's Children) require their own application in addition to Trinity's application form. This will be sent to you for completion upon successful application to Trinity Church. 

What happens next? 

After completion of your trip application your trip leader will be in touch to schedule an informal interview either in person or over the phone. They will also contact your references. 

Upon successful completion of these steps you will be informed about how to begin preparing for your trip including: 

  • Completion of the Short Term Missions Workbook
  • Team Meetings 
  • Travel documents
  • Other practical preparations